Real Estate Law

Our real estate practice complements the full range of assistance that we provide. We represent our clients in all matters in relation to freehold and leasehold property, including transactions and disputes involving commercial and residential property. The services include complete and detailed consultation on aquiring real estate in Bulgaria i.e. representation during the notary procedure, registaration of the property in front of tax authorities, registration of the foreign owner with Bulsat number.

Corporate Law

We have gained substantial experience in incorporation and reorganization in Bulgaria of various kinds of businesses: Sole traders, commercial companies, commercial groups - consortia, holding structures etc.; Wholly owned subsidiaries, branches and representative offices of foreign companies.

Law of Obligation

Preparation of preliminary and final contracts (purchases, barters, loans for serving out and for consumption, grants, deposits, productions, errands, agreements, citizens' associations, innovatory and subsidiary contracts, etc.).

Tax Law

We are specialized in resolving different problems related to the tax statute and tax obligations of our clients: Tax planning for establishing a company or business; General tax registration and striking off from the registers of the tax offices; Corporate and individual taxation; Representation before respective tax authorities; Administrative and court appeals of illegal acts of the tax administration.

Intellectual Property Law

Protection of the authors and the patentees; Registration of trade marks at the Bulgarian Patent Office; Intellectual property agreements; Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Administrative Law

We have the knowledge and competence to serve our clients in: Attendance in resolving administrative proceeding problems (applications and complaints before different administrative authorities); Administrative and court appeals against individual administrative acts or traverses for these acts to be issued as well as against penal decrees.

Energy Law

We can provide legal support for your energy project in Bulgaria, including its development, licensing and operation. We provide advice on regulatory obligations under Bulgarian energy legislation.

Litigation and Arbitration

We protect clients' rights and interests by means of: Representation before national courts and arbitration authorities; Preparation and conduct of litigation proceedings.

Foreign Individuals – Residence Issues

All of our foreign clients enjoy our support and advice on residence permits of foreign individuals. We provide consultations on the requirements of Bulgarian laws for issues of visas and permits for temporary or permanent stay in the country, Bulgarian citizenship.